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Gail Edgell
Gail Edgell


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Dear Friend,

Never before have I seen such an incredible power-packed offer that will help millions of women around the world begin to transform their lives.

If you are looking for a way to take control of your menopausal symptoms naturally and feel great each and every day, then what I am about to share with you will be life changing.

Look around you. Everywhere you turn women are complaining about their menopausal symptoms and are at a loss as to what to do about them other than to suffer or take synthetic drugs that their doctor recommends.

Over the last 20 years, menopausal issues have continued to escalate especially in the United States. Yet women in other countries like Guatemala, China and Japan barely have symptoms.

I wanted to find out why.

I came to this conclusion. By making small changes, women can feel awesome each and every day. Think about it. Women are losing their relationships, jobs, and sense of self and the sad thing about it is that they can do something about it!

As a result of interviewing experts in the fields of alternative and integrative medicine, I have learned that although ALL women go through menopause, they do NOT have to suffer debilitating symptoms and ailments.

You can enjoy a symptom free vibrant second half of life. Given the right tools and the drive to take control of your own health and well being, you can make a difference in how you feel. No matter how bad you feel today, I assure you that if you follow the solutions in this guide book or any of the bonus gifts that are included in this awesome offer, you will feel better each and every day.

So don’t be like the millions of other women out there suffering needlessly from menopausal symptoms. You and your family deserve for you to be operating at 100% everyday.


(If you want to continue suffering from your menopausal symptoms--then this is not for you;~)


So... what is "The Ultimate Guide to Solving your Menopausal Systems Today"?

It's a well-planned guide for helping with menopausal symptoms.


We can give you relief if you suffer from:


    • hot flashes

    • sleepless nights

    • anxiety

    • weight gain

    • bloating

    • lack of energy OR

    • other health issues


Our Ultimate Guide is delivered immediately as a downloadable e-book! You can read in your favorite electronic reader, computer or you can even print it out! Here are some the things we will cover...


  • Solutions that conventional medicine professionals are not telling you about
  • Factual information that has worked for thousands of others
  • Easy to understand solutions that you can implement for you and your family. Yes, these solutions will help your whole family!
  • Just imagine-- Reducing your hot flashes, increasing your energy, eliminating gas, bloating and other stomach issues, losing weight effortlessly, diminishing your joint pain, getting a restful night's sleep, reducing your risk of cancer and other ailments, being positive and upbeat each every day and living a fulfilled, balanced life. Don't you want that?

Free Bonus #1

audioCrawling through the Medical Menopause Maze - Still not sure if you want to use a medical modality as a treatment option? This power packed audio with Dr. Sarah Lobisco explains the positives and negatives to each treatment modality - conventional, Chinese, Naturopathic and functional medicine.

Free Bonus # 2

audioFive must have Supplements for Optimal Health - I am sure you have heard of hundreds of supplements to take. This never released audio with Dr. Tamara MacDonald explains the supplements that are most important for women to take to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Free Bonus # 3

audioSix must have Lab Tests for Women Over 40 - In this audio find out what tests you must get to access your overall health and well being. And most conventional medicine doctors don't do them.

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