Gluten: The Facts, Mysteries and Fallacies

Gluten: The Facts, Mysteries and Fallacies

Allergic to Gluten – Maybe?

Over the last few years, gluten has been been getting a lot of press. The more you dig into the subject of gluten, the more you will be amazed. It is estimated that 1 in every 133 people have difficulties digesting gluten and the majority of these individuals (perhaps you or a family member) are undiagnosed.

Gluten can cause a host of ailments and disease. From mouth ulcers to gas, bloating, fatigue and even contribute to autism symptoms.

Carrie Pierce from  and I had the privilege of interviewing Tina Turbin from about this very subject. You will not believe what we found out. Amazing stuff! A must listen.

Here are the links to the two part series.

Part 1 –  Gluten – topics covered include what is gluten, what is celiac disease, who is at risk, why are the numbers increasing, what testing is available.

Part 2Gluten – topics include how to cook for the family, recipes, things to look for in the grocery store, plus much, much more!

Tina is a multi award-winning children’s author, writer, researcher and mother of 3. She’s been an advocate for children, families and celiac/gluten issues.

Her award-winning website is a valuable resource to people with celiac disease and gluten issues.

Tina is a member and contributing writer for such distinguished organizations as the Nat’l Foundation of Celiac Awareness,, Journal of GlutenSensitivity, Nat’l Assoc of Baby Boomer Women, the Nat’l Assoc. of Divorced Women and Children, and numerous other publications.

Tina  shares her vast knowledge on the subject of celiacdisease/gluten sensitivity and the havoc both can wreak on your body as they go undiagnosed- especially during Menopause.