Giving Back

Giving Back

Do you often think about helping others? Check this awesome experience I had with the Extreme Home Makeover project. Life balance is all part of living a vibrant second half of life during menopause.


Is it Grateful or Gracious?

Is it Grateful or Gracious?

Expert’s Name: Gail Edgell
Thanksgiving Thoughts

Why does it take Thanksgiving for most of us to stop and think about our lives for a moment? For the most part, we have some much to be grateful for, yet everywhere you go you hear people complaining about something. Whether it be their in-laws, the food at a restaurant, how the power was off for three hours or running the kids all around town, there is something always to complain about……that is if you want to complain about it.

You see, being grateful can be as simple as just getting up in the morning and standing on your own two feet, but yet somehow we overlook these simple things. Make a commitment to be be grateful for something each day and it can not be the same thing. I guarantee it will change your perspective in how you look at your own life.

If you want a real challenge have a journal beside your bed and write down five things each day before going to bed. You will be surprised how creative you get.

So why do I bring gracious into the picture?

My definition of gracious is being kind to others especially those who are experiencing more difficult times than yourself. My husband and I are heavily involved in our temporary homelessness shelters in our own town.

I have learned a hard lesson working with individuals in these shelters. They are grateful to still be alive and appreciate the smallest things in life.

Why does it have to be that most of us have to hit rock bottom before we realize what we had was of value? It seems that we are always seeking more instead of appreciating the moment and being grateful for what we have at this moment.

So if you find that you are not grateful, do something gracious for someone else. You will come out the other side more grateful than you were when you walked in the door.

This holiday more than ever others need your help. It does not have to be something material, but it can be your gift of time and love.

This nation more then ever before needs to support each other.

Have a wonderful holiday. Be in the moment!