Strolling Your Way to a Healthier You

Expert’s Name: Gail Edgell

Are you at the ‘Age for Menopause‘?

Perhaps one of the most fundamental forms of exercise, walking is a great way to keep fit throughout life. From toddlers to centenarians, walking is a key facet of existence. In fact, walking is so commonplace that often it is not considered exercise at all. Contrary to this belief, walking is gaining popularity as a low impactphysical activity perfect for any age. So popular is walking that an up and coming sport is forming around this activity in the form of race walking. By engaging the body in movement, menopausal women are finding that walking can lead tomenopause relief as well as such health benefits as;

  • Increased core strength
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle mass

A Step in the Right Direction

All over the country groups of people are forming race walking leagues, but this begs the question, what is race walking? Race walking is a competitive race in which participants walk a set course. To some this may seem silly, but adding a competitive element to any exercise can be a great way to engage the less enthusiastic to get up and get moving, not to mention the camaraderie that accompanies any sport.

Step One: Getting Started

Starting any training regiment is never simple, even with walking; it’s not as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. Consulting a medical doctor is always recommended before beginning any type of workout, it may sound goofy, but it is important to know if the body is ready for extensive walking. Once a doctor has been consulted its time to start walking right? One question, how far should a walk be? Oh, and do you have the right equipment?

Tying it All Together, the Basics of Walking Shoes

In today’s world of mass produced goods, the once simple world of shoes has become very complicated. There are shoes for every activity under the sun: running shoes, walking shoes, cross trainers, basketball shoes, and even skateboarding shoes. While footwear has come a long way, the best shoes for walking are running shoes and walking shoes. Both types of shoe will provide the comfort and flexibility needed for a long walk. Stay away from cross trainers, as they tend to be boxier and less suitable for walking.

Get Out and Walk the Heart and Sole of Exercise

Walking, as simple as it seems, can be very strenuous, especially for menopausal women that have not done much exercising lately. Start slow and get to know when the body has reached its limits. Try walking half a mile to begin with, from there longer distances can be covered, and speed can be increased, until the correct amount of exertion is achieved. Get outside and enjoy the scenery, and remember to tie your shoes.

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