Exercise Mindfully to Ward Off Pre Menopause Symptoms

Expert’s Name: Gail Edgell

Mindful Exercise: A Complete Workout

A relatively new term, mindful exercise is training, during which one removes the distractions of everyday life and becomes attentive to what is going on with one’s body. During this type of exercise, it is important to pay attention to breath, thoughts, feelings, and sensations. In essence, mindful exercise is about building a connection between your mind and your body.

Where Do I Start?

Mindful exercise doesn’t have to be plain; it doesn’t require starting out by eliminating all the thoughts and distractions during work outs. It can be periodic, starting with once a week during a workout, or focusing on your body during a specific part of a workout. Also, by focusing on how your body is feeling from day to day and planning a workout based on those feelings, you can begin to understand your body in new ways. For example, if your abs are sore from the crunches you did the day before, you can plan a more effect training session by doing exercises that focus on your arms instead.

Focus on You

There are many approaches to clearing your mind. The first step to focusing on your body is to remove distractions like, music, TV, and stray thoughts. The following are some suggestions to help clear your mind while you workout.

Close your eyes – by closing your eyes you can eliminate the visual distractions around you. Instead of watching cars go by, and being reminded of your transmission problems, you can more clearly sense what is going on inside you.

Visualize your thoughts away – Visualizing a metaphor for clear mindedness is a great way to calm your mind before a workout. For example imagine all your worries and unfocused thoughts, what you need from the grocery store, work issues, family issues, being stuffed into a car and driving away. This will allow your body to speak more clearly with your mind, and put you in a position to connect the two.

Focus on one aspect of your workout – by focusing your thoughts on the here and now, you will be more in tune with your body. For example try thinking breathe deep and exhale, while doing so. When your thoughts and your actions are in tandem, it will become second nature to listen to your body during exercise.

While the concept may seem foreign, the benefits of listening to your body are innumerable. Once you can synchronize your body and mind, you will be able to have the most successful workout for you. Furthermore, once your body and mind are effectively communicating you will begin to find comfort and strength in yourself, and ultimately love yourself for who you are.

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