Is there a Youthful Intervention during Menopause?

Staying Young – As Long as Possible!

Expert’s Name: Dr. Hyla Cass

I was asked to reveal my approach to health and longevity, or at least, to delaying the usual pitfalls of aging as long as possible. While death is inevitable, the goal here is to have a joyous, fulfilling, and healthy life for as many years as possible along the way. I’ll share what has worked for me, my friends, colleagues, readers, and patients.

There are no shortcuts.

Of course, even doing our best in these areas, we all succumb to the inevitable at some point. I have had friends who lived cleanly and exuberantly-and they departed too early in my opinion. The lesson here is – live every day fully, since it may be your last. Paradoxically, when taken to heart, this awareness can make life a true joy. We’ve seen people told they had several months to live find great meaning in every aspect of the time remaining, and stuffing lifetimes of quality experience into those hours and days. The Bucket List, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is a perfect example of the turnaround that a “known” death sentence can inspire. Both diagnosed with advanced cancer, we see how companionship and mutual encouragement can be wonderfully life-enhancing, even in the face of death.

How do we stay as youthful as we can?
There are no magic pills, specific hormones, or special diet that are “the answer.” The result derives from a mysterious combination of factors, only some of which we can know or control. There is much that is unknown, as well. According to Deepak Chopra, and others I know who have traveled to India, there are psychic readers there that will tell you your date of death if you ask them. This has piqued my curiosity ever since. Does this mean we are already ordained to die at a certain time– so why bother doing anything about it? Knowing our date, do we then make the very best of our remaining time? Or, do we dismiss these predictions as primitive superstition?

What effect would it have on your life if you knew your date of death?
My own philosophy is that it can happen at any time, so don’t take anything for granted-your health, your relationships, and the beauty that surrounds us all if we only take the time to look.

Here is a short checklist of Life Enhancers and likely, Life Extenders that I have found to be useful in this quest:
1. A positive attitude, including psychological well-being and resiliency in the face of life’s stresses.
2. Good and fulfilling relationships.
3. A healthy lifestyle including good diet, appropriate supplements, and regular exercise.
4. Hormonal supplementation to compensate for waning levels.

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