Fix your Food Allergies

Could food allergies be an issue for you?

Expert’s Name: Carrie Louise Daenell, ND

Food Allergies… can’t live with ’em, can’t seem to live without avoiding every food under the sun. And just when you figure out how to replace wheat and dairy with spelt and soy… well, soon enough you are allergic to spelt and soy. What is that?!?!

It is annoying, that’s what it is!

After a long and disciplined history of food allergy challenges, and a very disciplined diet that spanned the better part of a decade, I thought “what if instead of identifying foods that bother me and eliminating them, I could heal my body and eliminate the fact that I am bothered!”

No one was doing it. Very few really seems to be doing it 15 years later, even though I have traveled the country teaching doctors how to “eliminate theelimination diet” in their patients’ lives. But the truth is… it works! And in fact, with all of the elimination diets that I followed, it seemed that all I got over time was… sicker. Healing my body at the causal level is the only thing that ever made any sense.

If you knew me, personally, (and if you are reading this than likely you could benefit from developing a working relationship with me in order to find your own healing), you would see that I am vitally healthy! It is only because of this health that I was able to enjoy making the contributions that I have made in natural medicine over the last 12 years. Otherwise, I would probably still be trying desparately just to get through each day.

I have worked with hundreds of patients over the last 12 years taking them through my total digestive repair protocol. The stories they have to tell are heart-wrenching. Their triumphs are like watching someone win the Lotto!

The work involves 6 – 18 months, on average, of a fairly intense (read significant financial investment) nutritional supplement protocol, tailored to each individual but adhering to some core values on digestive health, which include:

  • Improving the Digestion of Foods
  • Decreasing Local Toxicity in the Digestive System
  • Enhancing Healthy Bacteria
  • Eliminating Overgrowth of Unhealthy Organisms
  • Reducing Free Radical Activity
  • Rebuilding the Digestive Lining

When you nurture all of these aspects at the same time, all day, over time… you can “get a leg up” on the poor health of your digestive system and completely resolve many seemingly unrelated health conditions, including food sensitivities.

Note: While patients suffering with Celiac will always need to avoid gluten, they can rebuild their digestive system from the damage that so many years of glutenexposure caused them. This work applies to delayed food sensitivity reactions and DOES NOT treat Type I Anaphylactic Food Allergies that cause airway restriction.

It’s time to get your life back!

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