Perimenopausal Weight Gain & Cravings

Weight loss: Dieting May Not Be the Answer

Expert’s Name: Sarah Lobisco, ND

Although overeating can be related to an addiction and an emotional cover-up for life stressors, cravings have a physiological drive.

Cravings have many physiological origins. One that I have seen in my practice is yeast overgrowth.

Candida albicans is a common yeast overgrowth in many people. If an overgrowth occurs, symptoms can include intense cravings, weight gain, digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalances, and foggy thinking.

Yeast overgrowth tends to occur in people who eat diets high in sugar and processed foods. These people also tend to have a lowered immune response to infections. This is due to the fact that “friendly” bacteria in your gut are responsible for 85% of your immune response. These friendly bacteria also aid in overall health by producing vitamins.

C. albicans thrive on acidic foods such as sugar and candy. If a person has a yeast overgrowth infection and eats these foods the Candida organism is fed and not the body. Therefore, the cells become starved for nutrients while the Candidasits fat and happy in the gut.

I recommend probiotics to most of my clients, as this will re-introduce the population of friendly bacteria and force out the Candida. I also use anti-fungal herbals and essential oils to kill off the overgrowth as dietary changes are implemented.

I do NOT recommend a Candida cleanse without supervision from a trainedĀ healthcare professional because when yeast dies off it produces formaldehyde, and you want to be sure that your practitioner is addressing this issue or you might feel sicker than you did before.

Once the Candida is under control, cravings decrease and energy increases. Weight loss is an end result. This is because now that the physical body is healthy and functioning, emotional issues that caused the sugar habit are easier to address. There are basic serum lab tests that I suggest for my clients to track their success and to use as markers during the “yeast clearing” process. Synthetic medications may need to be used in conjunction with natural methodsĀ to treat the problem.

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