Low Libido and Menopause: You are NOT Alone


Expert’s Name: Gail Edgell

Sex Drive: What Can You Do?

It is believed that a woman’s perception of menopause may have a direct impact on her sexual well being, especially if she feels that she is fat, old, and frumpy. Sexual function is a very complex process. Yes, hormones play a role, but so does the cardiovascular system, brain, and nervous system. Other sexual factors include psychological, cultural, and biological influences.

More research has begun to surface indicating that a woman’s sexual well being and arousal are influenced mostly by her emotions and thoughts rather than her genital area. So if a woman changes her thoughts, she can change how she experiences sex.

According to the North American Menopause Society, a woman’s attitude toward sex and aging, vaginal dryness, and cultural background have a much greater impact on sexual health than menopause.

Look at resolving issues in an existing relationship. This alone can have an immediate impact on your sexual energy, or spice up the relationship you are in by introducing more fun and pleasure. The worst thing you can do is to hang onto anger, resentment, and tension.

Libido may drop for a short time during menopause until a woman finds her own sense of purpose, taps into her own wisdom, and takes a good look at her priorities. This drop does not have to be permanent though.

There have also been studies that show as the frequency of hot flashes increase, the amount of sex decreases. Balancing your hormones should be one of the things every woman should do moving through menopause.

What most women do not realize is that testosterone is responsible for sexualarousal. Although, testosterone is present in the female prior to menopause, its effect is tempered by the large portions of estrogen and progesterone. Some women actually feel that their sexual desire increases in her menopausal years.

Declining estrogen levels have an effect on reproductive tissues which can lead to painful and uncomfortable intercourse. These changes are most evident in the vagina where the walls begin to thin and vaginal mucus diminishes. Lubrication or vaginal estrogen cream may be necessary.

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