Synthetic or bio-identical hormones?


Expert’s Name: Debra Smith
I find that a lot of women are confused about the difference between synthetic and bio-identical hormones. We usually think of synthetic as meaning something that is produced artificially and not found in nature such as plastics orpharmaceutical drugs. So what makes something synthetic is that it is changed in the laboratory so that its molecular configuration is not identical to anything found in nature. But natural/bio-identical hormones made in a laboratory are identical to that made in the human body. So what makes a substance “synthetic” or “natural” is this context is whether it can be found in nature and whether it is natural to the human body.

The Women’s Study that we all heard so much about and that scared a lot of women (as well it should have ) did not do any testing with natural, bio-identicalhormones. In all the tests they used synthetic hormones. There has not been a lot of testing done on the bio-identical hormones because the large drugs companies can’t patent them and they can’t make money on the bio-identicalhormones. The test results are with women like me and my clients, who have had profound benefits for years from using them. I had an unnecessary hysterectomyat age 42. I was told by my doctor that I had to take the synthetic hormones he was trying to give me because I was small boned, thin and of English decent. He so nicely told me that I was at risk for osteoporosis. There was not much information out at that time so I did my own research. I had to tell my primary care physician that I was going to jump off a cliff if he didn’t prescribe some bio-identical hormones for me. That was over 16 years ago.

We used to not need to produce hormones much past menopause because since we didn’t live that long past. And if we did live longer like in our mother’s generation they were told by their doctors and fed by the media the stereo type of being an “older woman“. It meant that you certainly didn’t enjoy sensuality or have sex, because you had no libido.

Well I’m here to tell you ladies don’t buy into the media or what other women say. So in my humble opinion and from what my clients and I’ve experienced why not have healthy, natural hormones that keep us balanced and vibrantly healthy for the rest of our life? Balanced hormones and enjoying healthy, natural sex life is our birth right!

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