Menopause Weight Gain and Exercise

Expert’s Name: Gail Edgell

Body Weight Training for Menopausal Women

Throughout the lives of women all over the country, body weight plays an important role in one’s sense of self. Aging takes a toll on the body, as many people can attest, but its effect on body weight can redefine the way a woman lives her life. From lowering energy levels to decreasing balance and flexibility, the changes that occur in menopausal women can compound the side effects of an unhealthy body weight. That is not to say that all women must fit into a size 4 dress, but it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight throughout life. One of the most effective ways of reaching, and keeping, a healthy body, even through menopause, is body weight training, or body weight exercises.

Good Bye Treadmills and Thigh Masters, Hello Healthy Body

Unlike traditional exercises, tailored to the younger generations, utilizing heavy weights and numerous pieces of equipment, bodyweight training requires only oneself and a bit of free floor space to move around in. In fact, many people do these exercises barefooted, which allows your feet and ankles to build up the strength required for balance and coordination, compounding these effects. The low impact nature of bodyweight training assures that any person, no matter age or level of fitness, can become engrossed in these exercises and reap the maximum benefits. The goal with bodyweight training is not to tone the body into a rippling mass of muscle, but to increase core strength, flexibility, and balance. In fact, martial artists and wrestlers have preformed these types of exercises for centuries.

Off the Couch and Feeling Great

As with any new exercise regimen, it can be confusing at first to get started. How many repetitions should one do? How long should one exercise? Which exercises should be done? The great thing about bodyweight training is that it can be started by doing no more than a couple minutes of low impact exercises a day. Once the body is up and moving, it craves more. Almost instantly, someone that has not exercised in years will recognize the benefits and begin to form a routine, which is very important for a successful exercise schedule. The following is a list of some simple exercises to get started with:

• Reverse Crunch
• Side Bridge
• Reverse Crunch
• Split Jump
• Pushups

Finally an Exercise I Have Time For

It is common, in today’s fast-paced world, for exercise to take a back seat to a number of things in life, like career, family, and housework. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for menopausal women, in that, they can be done in a few minutes time, they are low impact, and they can be done in the privacy of one’s home. Workouts are important throughout life, but for women reaching, or going through menopause, they are imperative. With the changes going on inside, exercise can menopausal relief and it will help keep your formative years happy and healthful.

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