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Over 35 experts in the field of Women’s Health here to help you every step of the way.


Exercise, nutrition and wellness articles that will increase your knowledge about menopause


Over 100 blog posts on variety of topics such as cellulite, gluten, menopause bloating, and sex drive



Is it a fact or a myth?  Find out in Frequently Asked Questions.


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The basics of what you need to know going through your transitional years

Here are some samples from

The Menopause Solution Audio Series….take a listen!

Burn Out and Fatigue

Are you struggling to get through each day?  Then this audio is for you.

Increase Your Sex Drive

Have you lost your libido?  Then listen to this segment.


Are your monthly symptoms just getting worse?  A must listen.

Irregular Bleeding

Are your cycles irregular?   Then listen up.

Losing Weight

Are you having difficulty losing weight?  Then this audio is for you.

Hot Flashes/Night Sweats

Are you spontaneously combusting on a daily basis?  Then listen to this.